Melissa at the Barre

Melissa demonstrates flexibility. That foot is at least 5 feet off the ground!

I am all for celebrating accomplishments and here’s one I’d like to share. I’ve been doing lots of water aerobics lately in an effort to a: lose lots of weight (my bone-on-bone knee prevents much else) and b: improve flexibility. I think it’s working. In an effort to demonstrate my new-found limberness, I kicked off my shoes in the lobby of our office building this morning and propped my (fortunately recently manicured) left foot up on the reception desk, checking first that no visitors were approaching. Don’t want Rodale to give off the wrong vibe. Louie the desk majordomo was appropriately impressed. I apologize for the quality and orientation of the photo, there’s more of Louie in it than me. But I think his expression should convey my progress. And I promise you that reception desk is chest high. However, Louie did up the ante, challenging me to put the other foot up there at the same time, bringing up visions of Melissa McCarthy doing that stunt in a video clip with Billy Crystal at last year’s Oscars. Louie, that will have to wait. And someone else will have to take the picture.

In another joy of movement observation, I was driving to work the other day, approaching a bus stop near the Lincoln Tunnel. I noticed a young woman standing at the corner waiting for the light to change. She had in ear buds and was doing a series of graceful, danceresque kicks. I wasn’t sure if she was excited by the conversation she was having or if she was listening to music. The light changed and she began doing full leaps and pirouettes across the street, convincing me it was the latter. I was just sorry I couldn’t drively slowly enough to track her all the way to the bus stop. Her commute was delightful.

And, lastly, in another what I now consider to be a message from the cosmos about putting ourselves in motion throughout the day, I pulled into my New York City parking garage. One of my buddy parking attendees had a pair of stretchy bands wrapped around a pole and was doing tricep extensions. How cool, I told him. You’re squeezing in a little upper body work between running for cars. We do it all the time, he told me. We’re here 12 hours a day, and we make it count. They even have a little circuit worked out. Sorry, cell phone had been forgotten at home so couldn’t snap a pic.

Sneaking in movement can be a delightful game with oneself, I’m discovering. I’m trying to think of new ways to amaze Louie. Next time, splits on the reception desk??? Anyway, have you noticed,  or figured out, some new fun ways to move your body lately? There’s joy in it for sure.

By: First Person

Hat Tip To: #LivingWellTips


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