Harvesting Happiness: Lasting Happiness

By Lisa Cypers Kamen.

Although money, relationships, jobs, or status do not necessarily result in true and lasting happiness, you can find other ideas and practices that will lead to greater, long-lasting happiness.

Happy people hold a very important key to their internal state of joy. Happy people take time for themselves. Happy people do the things that they want to be doing. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people. Happy people find a way to see the beauty in life. Happy people are happy because they make happy choices for themselves. They don’t let outside forces control their attitude.

There is another way to say all of this: happy people take full responsibility for themselves. 

Happy people make choices, regardless of their external circumstances, that result in their own personal happiness. Happy people are in touch with their H-Factor. Now, this doesn’t imply that everything is always bright and shiny in a happy person’s life. Far from it. Happy people experience the same stresses and losses that everyone else does in this life.

The difference is that happy people make the decision to be happy regardless of what life presents them with. They find the positive outlook, and they change their attitude when they can’t change other things. Then, every other decision that follows from this fundamental point is also one that supports their happiness.

This approach does not make a happy person selfish or self-serving. Happy people are aware of their choices and aware of their personal responsibility in choosing happiness. There is no waiting around for the right conditions to occur that result in happiness. There are ultimately no expectations that life must look a certain way to result in happiness. Happiness is a choice –  made with awareness that one is responsible for his or her own state of happiness.

Via: The Inspire Me Today Blog


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