2000 Things

I’ve been promising my readers a post as my 2000th view rolled in. Here it is. I have compiled a list of 2000 things that I am thankful for, that I enjoy, or that I love. While I won’t elaborate on each one (can we say BORING) I will elaborate on a few here and there. Without further ado here goes:

God (Need I say more? Sure…but there’s too much to say. So it is what it is.)
My parents (without them there would be no me)
My siblings (They are a part of me)
My husband (Even if I do want to pull my hair out sometimes because of him)
My Inlaw (No inlaws…no husband)
My kids (I didn’t know it was possible to love a child so much and then when number two came along I was certain I wouldn’t have enough love in my heart to give them both what they needed. Boy was I wrong. I love them both just as much as the other in totally different ways. And strangely enough both of them have my whole heart)
My readers (without y’all there I would have no fulfillment)
Pastors (In my life I haven’t had but a few but each has touched my life in a way indescribably. They have guided me, inspired me, encouraged me and so much more) 
Church (Some people hate it, some people love it. I prefer to be a lover not a hater)
Speaking of haters….haters (they encourage me to do what I’m doing that much more. They obviously need inspiration too)
Chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, ice cream cones, ice cream cones with ice cream on top dipped in chocolate (have I mentioned chocolate? Ok…)
Soap (something more people should indulge in), water, hot water, cold water, extremely cold water for drinking
Fridges, freezers, heaters, coffee makers, coffee, sugar, coffee creamer
Gas, candles (not to be combined with gas), crock pots
Tar (because tar helps with roads which help us be mobile), roads, airplanes (even though I’m yet to fly in a large one)
TV (I feel it’s a necessary evil sometimes), curtains (nosy neighbors anyone?)
Comfy sofas, hardwood floors (beautiful), carpet (warmer than hardwoods on a winter morning), gingerbread cookies
Earmuffs, cozy gloves, ceiling fans, computers, fax machines
Lights (it’s amazing what kind of stuff hides in the darkness. That could be a post of its own huh?)
The internet (Another necessary evil I think. The internet holds a wealth of good as well as bad. It’s up to me to choose what I access.)
Cell phones, cd players, mp3 players, cassette players (yes they still exist and yes I still have a few I haven’t upgraded)
Pain (Why would one be thankful for pain you might ask? Well I think that the presence of pain reminds us that we are all humans, nothing more, nothing less. We all hurt at some point in our lives. While it may not be comfortable in the moment, I personally think pain keeps me tuned in to pleasure and all the good in life.)
On this most awesome list I must include chiropractors, holistic practitioners, and people who practice applied kinesiology…that stuff’s just awesome!
Cars, trucks, SUVS, vans, and things of such nature
Milk (Yes I know there are those who FIRMLY believe milk causes cancer and all sorts of other horrible things but there’s sometimes when it’s a must like with freshly baked cherry pie)
Cherries, cherry pie, pretty much any kind of pie
Chili (I have decided I could do a post on 2000 foods and it would stand on it’s own. What can I say? I love food)
Memories (No matter what’s going on in my life I can bring to mind a memory of a time that I was happy and my mood will instantly be lifted. Memories are something that no man can take from you so hold them close and treasure them always)
Speaking of memories…scents (The smell of Dew Kiss or plain Jergens lotion immediately reminds me of my Granny while Auqa Di Gio takes me back to my first date with the hubs)
Did I mention Google (This is how I genuinely KNOW IT ALL! If I don’t know…enter GOOGLE)
Classics (Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Coke Classic, classic cars, Louis Armstrong, Stretch Armstrong…so many more)
 Music (music touches the soul sometimes when nothing else will)
The ocean, the moon, the sun, earmuffs, surround sound, the ability to hear, people that can’t hear (the way they communicate is incredible and beautiful)
Puppies, kittens, rabbits, deer, as much as I hate it…snakes (they eat rats and I REALLY don’t like rats)
Grass, trees, flowers, sand, fire detectors
Teachers (Wow. I can’t even begin to describe the appreciation I have for teachers. It takes someone so special in that role. Teachers have literally changed my life and now I put my children in the care of teachers)
Dentists, lawyers, law enforcement, nurses, Doctors, and other people along those lines
Books (REAL books. I’m all about an e-book but there’s nothing quite as good as turning a page and hearing it, feeling the paper on your fingers, and the smell….it’s just great)
No-spill sippy cups 🙂
I know that’s nowhere near 2000 things but my fingers are getting sore. I’m sure if my fingers are sore your eyes are sore. So since your eyes must be sore I’ll wrap this thing up.
While I had some comical things, some serious things, and some things in between my point was this. There is so much to be thankful for in this life. People often take some of the “bad” things for granted in that they can be turned to good.
My challenge to you today is this: Simply look around and see what you can be thankful for. It can be big, small, silly, serious, sad, happy….you get the picture. Just take a look and be thankful for everything that makes life worth living! Until next time be blessed!
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Hat Tip To: Round Table Square House


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