Harvesting Happiness: Compassionate Living

By Lisa Cypers Kamen.

Happiness for many people is an enigma. Happiness is something that seems to be just beyond our grasp. For many people, happiness is a nice thought but not a lasting reality. Happiness might show her face in our life in glimpses, but she seems to peek through momentarily like the sun passing behind the clouds on a rainy day.

What does it take to bring the sweet, gentle flow of happiness to our lives? Is there one factor that can make happiness a deep and abiding reality for us? What is our H-factor?

When we embrace the age-old concept of compassion in every moment, we live with ease, and this is a tremendous relief on all levels. We simply choose, usually after some sort of emotional struggle, to accept ourselves and our life as it is. It’s OK. Whatever it is, it’s all right.

Compassion is acceptance of ourselves, warts and all. Compassion is acceptance of others in spite of their flaws as well. Living without judgment is a most beautiful experience, and it leaves the door wide open for happiness to come walking in. We choose whether to live in a state of compassion. It is no different when it comes to the concept of happiness. We choose. We are in control of our happiness. We are in control of our H-Factor.

This is one potent factor to remember if happiness is to become reality. You see, free will is a concept we are quite familiar with. But what does this mean with regard to happiness? It simply means that, as with all things, happiness is a choice. We are free to choose it.

Happy people are happy because they choose to be happy. They choose happiness, and they create happy lives through the choices they make. These are positive, proactive people who claim their stake in life by making the empowering choice for happiness.

By: The Inspire Me Today Blog


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