Kicking The Bucket

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholas movie “The Bucket List”. I won’t go into the whole thing because I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it but the title gives it away. It deals with two men and their respective bucket lists.
 Last night my A.D.D was running wild and I found a shovel from my last beach trip. That of course made me think of sand castles which made me think of buckets of sand which naturally led me to bucket lists. So I decided that I would work on mine and put it out there. I’m a firm believer that the only way things happen are to put them out there. Keeping stuff hidden inside will never get you anything. 

So here’s my list, in no particular order, and probably not in its entirety.

A hot air balloon ride at night during the fall. Save a life (physically, emotionally, mentally or any combination of the above). Be on a live TV show in audience as well as on stage. Meet Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, and Tony Robbins. Meet Morgan Freeman (I ❤ him!)

Watch my children get married (meaning I don’t want to kick the bucket any time before then!) Visit Jamaica. Visit France. Visit Australia. Start my non-profit based on LOA. Start a non-profit for teen moms and high school drop outs to further their education. 

Feed the homeless (the one’s pretty attainable I just haven’t done it yet). Have an Iron Chef prepared meal. Attend a service at Joel Osteen’s church. Financially help someone get off the ground and get their dreams in motion.
Randomly place $2000 in hundred dollar bills all through a local store for people to find. Establish a local hangout for teens that’s a “safe” place. Finish my AS my BS and keep going with my education. 

These are just a few items on my list. I feel that putting them in print helps cement the ideas and motivate me even more to see them happen. I will update this list as new things cross my mind and as things happen (because I KNOW they will.)

My challenge to you today is pretty easy. Start a bucket list. It’s simply things to do before you kick the bucket. It could be simple (see the ocean) or complex (come up with the cure for cancer) but it’s your list and it’s what you want it to be! I hope that all of YOUR dreams come true as well. Until next time…be blessed.

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Hat Tip To: Round Table Square House


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